North Carolina Bottle Bill Project

Getting bottle deposit stations in North Carolina.

We now have a Change.Org Petition. Please consider supporting the project by signing it: 

Mission of the project

Plastic bottle waste is a problem all around the world, and as (past and present) residents of North Carolina, we think we should do something to help. Bottle Deposit Stations are kiosks in which you return empty bottles or cans in return for five to ten cents. 

There are over 300 thousand miles of plastic bottles sent to landfills annually, and that number only goes up. With Bottle Deposit Stations, bottles can be recycled, and there is an incentive to recycle, which results in less bottles going to landfills all across North Carolina.

A bottle deposit station in Norway, this is a great example of what deposit stations look like, and the amount of space they use.

Our goal

Get a law passed that requires the installment of Bottle Deposit Stations around North Carolina.

We also wish to raise awareness for the appeal of Bottle Deposit Stations, and what benefits they provide.

Our progress

We have been in contact with state officials, and we plan to contact more. These state officials include Representatives in the state House of Representatives, and Senators in the state Senate.

Contacting the team

For information on how to contact the NC Bottle Bill team, visit our 'Contact Us' page using the button below.